Filter zone

The 80 : 20 principle

The pleasure of bathing in natural, crystal-clear water

An overview of the quality indicators of the TeichMeister System with Aqua-Superton filter technology:

  • Crystal-clear water
  • Biological self-cleaning process
  • 80 % swimming area – filter zone takes up only 20 %
  • Surface area starting from 82 sqft
  • Filter zones can be located inside or outside pool
  • Free-form design
  • Natural setting
  • No need to change the water once a year (closed system)
  • Water cleaning takes place by recycling via biological filter
  • Low cleaning cost required thanks to low-maintenance surfaces and lining
  • Low energy and maintenance costs
  • No need for settling shaft
  • No need for additional sludge pond
  • Stream not necessarily required