Filter system

Processing the water: the essential difference!

  • The essential difference between a natural pool, TeichMeister System swimming ponds and other systems is the way in which the water is processed and the stabilising of nutrients in the pond.
  • With the TeichMeister System, we give the pond a planted filter zone with circulating water. Nutrients are stored primarily in the substrate of the filter zone.
  • The biomass in the substrate and/or root area of the filter zone is supplied rapidly and efficiently with oxygen and the nutrients dissolved in the pond water through the permanent enforced throughflow of water.
  • Filtration helps decompose soluble nutrients and keeps the biomass in the pond in a stable, aerobic condition in the long term.
  • The pond quickly finds its biological equilibrium.
  • Compared with systems where water does not flow through the regenerative zone, the rate of decomposition of nutrients is considerably more efficient.
  • The aerobic conversion of nutrients in the filter also has the effect of reducing pH levels.
  • The biological filter system is designed individually for each project.